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Our portfolio of services includes all the needs of participants in the Life Sciences industry. We are specialists in the continuous advice to companies, institutions, agencies, associations, foundations, investors and researchers who carry out their activities in the field of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical products, cosmetics and agri-food. You won’t find anything like us in the legal sector.



The VC Biolaw team has participated in the most important acquisitions and sales in the sector, having constituted some of the best known spin-offs on the market. We offer you our extensive experience to advise you in the valuation and transfer of intangible assets and technologies developed in the framework of technological innovation projects. We are the best partner you could imagine.


Commercial Law

VC Biolaw has carried out commercial operations of all kinds, from the distribution of non-monetary dividends to the financing of projects, collaborating with agencies, research centers and universities in the licensing or in the creation of technology-based companies for the marketing and exploitation of their assets. We're the specialists you need.


Corporate Law

In VC Biolaw we advise Managers and Boards of Directors, carrying out the task of the secretary of the Board, preparing reports and legal opinions. We ensure that the decisions made by the managers of the entities are the most informed, so that they are the most accurate. We want you to feel safe.



At VC Biolaw we develop and implement Compliance programs, advising and accompanying the Compliance Officer in the performance of its functions. We talk about on-going support, because we do it: from the initial training, through communications and trainings to the whole of the staff, to the preparation of reports or resolution of queries once the Compliance program is already implemented. We are with you every step of the way.



From the initial drafting of commercial contracts of all kinds, through the review and advice in the negotiation of these, there is no contract that can stop us, it does not matter if you want to regulate the transfer of medical software equipment to a hospital center, ensure the commercialization of reagents of all kinds, or carry out the transmission of marketing authorizations. We've done it all.


Tax Advice

We offer tax advise to enterprises, entities and their directors or managers in the different areas of international, national and local taxation. Our advise includes: mergers and acquisitions, due diligence processes, negotiations and contracts and tax compliance. Furthermore, we are also specialists in advise and legal representation in any type of procedure against the Spanish Tax Authorities (penalties, collection, etc.). We accompany you throughout the whole process before the different administrative or judicial bodies and tribunals. We can also file cases of state liability or represent you in any tax offence.



We are specialist in the Life Sciences, Biotech & Healthcare sector. We understand you when you talk to us about the European regulation of investigation, development and commercialisation of drugs, orphan drugs and other specialties, medical devices and in vitro diagnostics. We also know about biocides, cosmetics, nutritional supplements and other products related to human and animal health. In the Regulatory area inside of VC Biolaw we not only offer legal advice, we also put ourselves in your shoes. We analyse the most adequate strategies for the investigation, fabrication, import/export, commercialisation and promotion in accordance to the specific regulation of each type of product or device. We work alongside our technicians or with the professionals that fit the required needs for each client. We are the experts you will want by your side.


Litigation & Arbitration

Mainly, in the Life Sciences, Biotech & Healthcare industry, we take care of your litigations and claims related to your intellectual and/or industrial property and of your trade secrets, confidential information and in general, we protect your know-how and intellectual property rights. We can also take care of other procedures that can arise in your day-to-day activity inside of the Life Sciences industry. Advising you during the pre-litigation phase to try to arrive at an agreement or intervene in the civil or criminal jurisdiction or in mediation or arbitration procedures to defend your interests. Although in the Regulatory section you will find more information, take into account that we are specialists in public law and we can help you in public tenders you may participate in. From the challenge of technical specifications of the public tender that are published to the appeals against the resolutions, we are ready to advise you along the process.



VC Biolaw can assist you in projects to assess the value of companies, business lines, and intangible assets in various contexts, such as mergers, spin-offs, recurring valuation of shares in family groups, and others. We also can help you in the preparation of the financial projections of your business financial projections, and assist you in negotiation processes, buying and selling operations, as well as merger and spin-off projects.




Maite Vázquez Calo


Maite stands out for her practical legal and economic advice, direct and sincere, prioritizing clarity and efficiency.

Among many of her recognitions, Maite is Secretary of the Spanish Association of Biotechnology (ASEBIO) and Member of the Advisory Board of the Pharmaceutical Law Section of the Madrid Bar Association. Professor of the Center for the Study of the Pharmaceutical Industry (CESIF) and of the Master's Degree in Access to the Legal Profession with Intellectual Property at ICADE, coordinating the biotechnology area. She has also been recognized by the Best Lawyers directory in several editions in the Corporate Governance area.

María Pedernal Marigómez


Maria is orderly, clear and insightful, offering legal and corporate advice with an international and innovative vision.

She has extensive experience in providing business advice to companies in the biotech and healthcare sectors. She has also won several awards for her work related to disruptive technologies such as blockchain, smart contracts, or Artificial Intelligence applied to the Life Sciences industry.

Rafael Rodríguez Alonso


Rafael after more than 30 años in PwC Tax and Legal as a Partner, in particular specialized in the Life Science sector, has joined VCBiolaw as a Tax partner to strengthen and expand the capabilities of our firm.

He has a wide range of experience in advising both business groups and family groups. Likewise, his experience includes advising, assisting and defending companies and individuals in inspection processes carried out by the Tax Administration. Rafael has been recognized by the Best Lawyers directory in several editions in the area of tax law.

Luis Sánchez Quintana


Luis has more than 32 years of experience at PwC, of that 20 years as an audit Partner leading projects and teams of relevant business groups in the Telecommunications, Retail and Consumer, Industrial Products and Pharmaceutical sectors.

Luis has more than 32 years of experience at PwC, of that 20 years as an audit Partner leading projects and teams of relevant business groups in the Telecommunications, Retail and Consumer, Industrial Products and Pharmaceutical sectors.

Nuria Amarilla Mateu


Nuria holds more than 20 years of Legal experience alongside technicians, healthcare professionals and scientists, from the project and research phase to the notification or registration of the product and the necessary requirements for commercialisation.

In June 2019, she became a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Health Lawyers, and, since July 2020, she has been the president of the Pharmaceutical Law Section of the Madrid Bar Association (ICAM), after co-chairing the Health Law and Pharmaceutical Law Section of ICAM for two years.

Ana Martínez Ramón


Ana has more than 35 years of professional experience, 33 of them at KPMG, where she has been a Partner leading areas such as valuations, internal digital transformation for Deal Advisory, KYC and Enterprise Information Management.

Among other recognitions, Ana is a Member of the Official Register of Auditors (ROAC), belonged to the Technical Committee for the Valuation of Trademarks (AENOR) and was Member and Coordinator of the Advisory Board of the Institute for the Analysis of Intangibles (IAI).

Her extensive experience as a professional, versatility and positive attitude towards problem solving is outstanding.

Jean B. Devaureix


Devaureix, adds to his legal profile more than 20 years of experience as a practicing attorney considered as one of the best lawyers specialized in industrial and intellectual property law.

He has led the patent litigation area at Pons IP and previously worked as an associate at Gómez-Acebo & Pombo. He holds a juris doctor and a master's degree in Intellectual Property and Information Society Law from the University of Alicante.

Jean B. approaches all aspects of his work with professionalism and creativity and delivers it with a high degree of efficiency and quality.

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